Leak Location

Welcome to Leak Location.com. We’re here to help you find the right service to find the location of leak. From slab leaks and plumbing leaks to gas leaks or even a leak in your swimming pool – finding the leak and fixing the leak is a top priority for the homeowner or business owner.

Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks encompasses a wide range of leaks, but is essentially a leak within your plumbing system – the pipes; but can also include toilet leaks and more. A pipe leak regardless of location is a serious matter that should be addressed immediately. The possible water damage that accompanies a leak is not worth the wait. All leaks are bad, but some leak locations are worse than other. Is the location of your leak on a second floor? Or any floor above ground level for that matter? A leak such as this can cause damage not only to the floor, but the ceiling of the floor beneath it; and any walls and floors in between.

Plumbers and other contractors who specialize in leak location and leak repair have the tools, experience and expertise to find your leak and repair it. From sonar leak locating tools and more; contacting a professional with the tools to find your leak and repair it is always your best choice.

Slab Leaks

A slab leak occcurs underneath your homes' concrete floor, making it hidden and in some cases silent. Although some may be seen and heard and others may be witnessed as puddles of water near your home's or business's foundation or water coming up through the floor - another indicator of a slab leak (or any leak that you're unaware of) is a high water bill.

Slab leaks will almost always require a specialist with a good amount of experience. Slab leaks may require new pipes ran through your attic or excavating under a foundation to replace the pipes - either way, it is a big project that will require time, planning and highly recommended plumber or contractor.

Gas Leaks

Of all these leaks (plumbing, slab and pool), a gas leak is easily the most serious due to the amount of danger they create for your home, business and more importantly family and co-workers.

Gas leaks need to be addressed by a professional. The tiniest spark may ignite the gas. If you do smell a gas leak (or even think you smell a gas leak) you need to evacuate your home or building immediately. Make your phone call to the gas company or gas leak location and repair service from a neighbor's house or from your cell phone as long as it's away from your home.

You'll want to find a master licensed plumber to locate your gas leak and repair the gas leak; and always be prepared by checking with your local gas company for emergency instructions and reccomendations

Pool Leaks

Swimming pool leaks are a common occurance and require someone specializing in swimming pool repair. Additionally, any swimming pool leak, regardless of location, should be fixed immediately; the costs and potential damage will be much greater than a high water bill.